5 Steps For Better SEO

If you are involved in the internet marketing business, you might probably own a blog which you will be using to put yourself out there in the internet.

We all want to have a bigger and better exposure on the internet and using your blog is an extremely good method because it has a good SEO functionality.

With good planning and use of your blog, you will be able to increase the crawling as you increase your blog post.

You can also penetrate more keyword with your blog as well as attracting related links along with the content that you are blogging about.

With these work in progress consistently, your blog will increase its social value and thus, generating more traffic.

In order to fully utilize your blog, it has to be SEO optimized.

Now, you don’t have to burn your budget and hire an SEO expert because some optimization can be on your own if you know how to do it.


Here are 5 steps that you can take to increase your blog’s SEO capabilities.


1. Systematic Blog Pagination

The way you organize the content of your blog is very important. Blog pagination is the way your numerate your pages.

You don’t want to put all of your content in a single page.

If you do this, your readers will have to scroll down endlessly if they want to see a certain content which have an older date.

With proper pagination, your content will be much easier to appear in the search engine as it maximizes the crawl depth.

This is achieve as your minimize the amount of clicks need to find a deeper page in the archive of he blog.


2. Add in Related Post

Once you have a good blog pagination, you should add in related post so that that particular post or page is not orphaned out.

Without any link equity, the content will be outranked by other competitors.

When this happens, your pages will be useless in the SEO.

When you add related articles at the end of your blog posts, you improve the findability of your content.

This action also increases the Page rank across your blog as the related links helps in penetrating to deeper or older content in the blog.


3. Include Next and Previous Blog Post

The next trick you can use is to include a link or a button to allow your readers to link to your next or previous blog post.

You can place this option either on the top or at the bottom of your blog post.

This actions acts similar to the related post as it can surface your blog content.

It can also increase the time your readers stay on your site as they can easily navigate with the links you provide.


4. Effective Categories

The categories you use in your blog can also influence on the SEO of your blog.

A blog category allows your content to be found easily but on top of that, it also helps to classify your content so that it can be easily found on the search engine.

When using categories, you should limit the number of categories you have.

Do not put a new category every time you add a blog post.

It can work against you.

Every blog post should only be attached to one category.

If you abuse your categories and select multiple categories for one blog post, it may cause duplication to your content and the search engine don’t like this type of stuff.


5.Include Social Sharing Buttons

One more method to boost your blog’s SEO is by adding sharing buttons.

These buttons improves the distribution of your content in social platforms.

As your content is shared, it can lead to new audiences.

Sharing of your content will also create a viral effect that helps your content to be discovered much faster.

This will improve your content’s index tremendously.

With the sharing, your social data will also increase and this will have some sort of impact in the search ranking as.


So there you have it, 5 simple steps that you can easily take in order to improve your blog’s SEO.

All you need to do is to invest a little bit of time in order to get the hang of it and with time, your blog will get more traffic than you use to get.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino



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