5 Tips For More Traffic For Your Blog

The amount of traffic that you get to your website is directly link to the success of your online business.

There are no blogs out that makes money without having a huge amount of traffic coming to their site every day.

So the golden question is, how can you increase the traffic to your blog?


This blog post will help out on this topic.

There are various methods that can be use to increase the amount of visitors to your website but you must avoid dubious methods because Google will track you down.

If this happens, your blog is as good as waste.


What you need is genuine and legal method of increasing the amount of visitors to your site and here are 5 of them that you can implement on your blog.

Tip 1

The golden rule to a successful blog is the quality of your content.

With quality content, blog traffic will come automatically.

It is useless if you have tonnes of content but with no quality to relate your blogs to your readers.

They will just come and leave your blog in an instance.

But with good content, you will be able to relate to them and this will start a good relationship between you and your readers.

When writing your content, be sure to be a little entertaining and be less formal.

Take it as if you are speaking directly to your readers.

When you start to other people linking to your blog, you will know that your content is working.

This is when Google will take note and therefore, your blog ranking will improve.


Tip 2

The second tip to increase the traffic of your blog is to use the social media.

Everyone is active on social media nowadays and you should take advantage of this situation.

You don’t have to overwork yourself with all the social media that is available out there.

Just focus on one or two and that should be enough.

With the social media, you will tend to get more new readers with people sharing links with one another.

So every time you have a new post, share it out on social media sites that you have linked to your blog.


Tip 3

The next tip is to use comments.

What you can do is to leave comments on other people’s blog.

Be consistent and leave a few comments every single day.

With time, you activity will add up and you will start to see some results.

But bear in mind that your comments must be constructive and also point out your opinion on the topic.

Do not simply leave a useless comment because that will be regarded as spamming.

When you leave you comments, use your real name so that you can get recognized.


Tip 4

If you want people to link to you, you must do the same for them.

That is why you must be generous in linking out.

Most often, you will see bloggers helping you the same way.

This will build a good relationship between you and other bloggers.

Who knows, maybe you will be able to work together with some of them in the future.

It is definitely better to have more friends if you could.


Tip 5

The final tip is for you to use your email signature in your blog.

This is a key tip that many bloggers tend to neglect.

Always include a link to your blog in your email signature combined with a tagline of your choice.

Sometime, those who do not know that you have a blog will just click on the link.

You can also include your signature in the forums that you are active in.

That will also bring in some traffic to your blog.


There you have it, 5 tips that you can use to increase the traffic of your blog.

Although these tips are pretty basic and you may have probably read about them somewhere else, so not underestimate the power of these small tips because it is the tiny little things that helps you build a successful and long lasting blog that you can use to make money online.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino


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