Are You Making These Blogging Mistakes?


It might sound so simple nowadays on how you can start a blog and begin your own internet business by using the blog in a certain niche.

Starting a blog can be easy but working on it in order to produce results is a total different ball game.

There are so many bloggers out there that are blogging their socks off only to see themselves give up on their blog because they do not see any results.

And after so much hard work, they simply feel sad and dejected and might even curse the business.

The truth is, chances are, they are not doing it right.

Blogging requires some skills and some know hows.

If you do not know the important stuff about blogging, how can your blog be anywhere near successful?


So, let’s look at the 6 most common mistakes that bloggers should know about.

No email strategy in place

If you want to use your blog for your internet business, you need to have an email strategy in place.

It plays an important part in order to get your readers to return to your blog.

Think of it like a cafe selling coffee.

If you don’t have coffee to be sold, who is to come and buy it?

Email strategy implemented in your blog will allow you to get the contacts of your audience.

With this, you can build a relationship with them.

This is where you can build trust before you start promoting your business to them.

Whenever you update a new post, you could blast an email to your list to notify them about it.

They can then click on a link in the email that they receive and head over to your blog to check out your new post.

So, time and time again, your readers will return to your blog.


Not Optimized Sign –up form

In order to capture the emails of your readers, you need a sign-up form attached to your blog.

This sign-up form needs to be optimized so that the chances of your readers leaving their details in the sign-up form is highest possible.

What you need to do is to give them a reason to sign up.

You can offer them a free gift or run a promotion or contest in your blog.

The free gift that you offer can be in a form of an e-book where they can learn tips that are related to your blog’s niche.

When it may sound to be a solution to their problems, I am sure they would not mind providing their email address in return for the gift.

In addition, the location of the sign-up form is also vital so that the ratio of people signing up can be high.

In most cases, effective areas are at the sidebar of your blog.


Not Focusing on your blog’s friendliness

The good thing about using a blog is that it is different than a website.

Blogs can be more personal and it is an advantage for bloggers.

Just think about a corporate website that you have come across before.

No one likes the feel of that kind of website.

Therefore, don’t be corporate but be friendly in your blog.

When you write your posts, do not focus on your product or services.

Instead, talk more about knowledge and teaching.

Write as if you are speaking directly to your reader.

Treat it like a conversation.

When you can provide your readers with solutions to their problems, which is when you will see the magic happen.


Wrong SEO stragey

Many bloggers make his mistake on focusing too much on SEO.

When they flood their blog post with keywords, they will make their articles boring.

Good blogs must have a good balance of SEO and creativity.

When you write a post, focus first on your readers.

Worry about the SEO later on.

Remember, a blog is used to build a relationship with your audience.

Do not write a post just for the sake of publishing content.

You should only publish a post that is meaningful.

Writing too much is unnecessary because you will only bombard your readers with meaningless content.


Well, it all sounds very basic but these are the problems for bloggers out there.

These are the mistakes that are causing them not to get the results that they desire with their blog.

So, be careful and take note of these mistakes in order to avoid them in your blog.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino

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