Be a better Internet Marketer

Do you know what internet marketing is?

The simple answer would be marketing that is done on the internet but do you know that Internet marketing is actually a transaction.

It can also be treated as an exchange of value in various terms.

In other words, when you can offer value, you will be able to exchange it with something.

Perhaps money when people buy your products.

So, you may think what you have might be valuable?

Well, you could have time that is valuable.

You can also have knowledge that might be of use to some people.

That can be valuable.

The same thing goes for experience.

What you have experienced before might be valuable to someone out there.

And finally, you might have some skill sets that can be valuable as well.


Most of the time, we want to make money from out internet marketing activities.

Who doesn’t?

But instead of only transaction about money, we can get something more from internet marketing.

From our customers, we can develop a friendship with trust.

This increases our authority in the business and will also lead to more customers when your existing customers refer you to their friends.

There are some cases where your customers achieve great results with your products and share their success stories with you.

Isn’t that a great achievement?

You were able to influence someone’s life.

These things are more valuable than money don’t you think?


Most of the time, people think that they do not have anything valuable that they can offer in internet marketing.

They end up looking for something to sell.

This is not the right way to do it.

You should look for what is valuable.

What are the solutions that you can provide for your customers?

When you have that solution, you will have customers.

Don’t know what sort of solution people out there are looking for?



Here are a few:

  • Solutions to save money
  • Solutions to save time
  • Solutions to save effort
  • Solutions for something better


If you think about it, people are always on a lookout for better deals.

This is because they want to save money.

It is the same when it comes to time.

People want to achieve something faster rather than slower.

With people getting busier each day, the ability to save time is extremely valuable.

As for the third solution, it is very clear cut isn’t it.

Anyone would like to accomplish more things done with less amount of work or effort.

This is not a choice of being lazy.

It is merely a solution to be more efficient and increase their productivity.

And lastly, it is the human nature to always want something better.

Isn’t it true?

We use to use cassette players and then we switch to CD players and then MP3 players but now, we do everything through our smart phones.

It is already happening everywhere.


So, how can you be a better internet marketer?

You need to always ask to yourself how you can add more value to the transactions.

You should also focus on providing a cheaper solution, a faster solution, an easier and better value for your customers.

With this mindset, you will be able to increase your value and explode your internet marketing business.


Have a wonderful day

Rui Ludovino

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