Build Better Business Relationships


Relationships are very important when you are involved in a business.

This is also very true in network marketing.

If you are a network marketer, building a good relationship with the people around you may just be the ultimate key to success.

Through the relationship that you have with the people around you, you may open new bridges that may lead to potential clients, future hires, investors, coaches and so on.

So, never underestimate what your relationship can do for you.

Building a good relationship is never easy.

We are all human beings and every person will have different personality.

But if we can be a person that they trust and support them, they will cherish the relationship that you have built with them.

Now, this is not done with a day’s of work.

It takes time and patience as well as honesty.

You do not special skills in order to build a good relationship with people.

All you need is some basic awareness of what you should do in situations as well as the way you treat people.

The thing is, people will treat us the same way as we treat them.

Make sense?


So here are a few tips that you can help you conjure a good relationship with people.


Lend A Helping Hand

It is always nice to be a helpful person.

When you are helpful, people will always think of you first when they need help.

You will be the one that they call.

Why do they call you?

Well it is because they know you will be able to help them solve the problem that they are facing.

Be this kind of person and you will have a better network with the people around you.


Always Keep People Posted

It is a great feeling to motivate people and you can do so by keeping your people posted with wht you have done.

It may be a simple achievement but by sharing them, you will be able to motivate them.

This will then tell you who around you are inspiring and motivated as they will feel connected with your update.

These will be the people that will lead to further connections in order for you to broaden your business.


Be On Top Of Their Mind

You would like to be on people’s radar but not to an avoiding extent.

Always be interested in how your people are doing and be enthusiastic on helping them as well as sharing your own goals and aims.

Ask them out for a quick lunch of coffee.

With time, you can also ask them to join you in an event.

Use social media to communicate with your network of friends.

The most important thing is to let them know what you are busy with but you are also aware of what they are doing too.


Always Be Visible

Make an effort so that you are extremely visible to your people.

Let them see you online and know that you are available for them if they need you.

Use blogs to share your thoughts as well as to publicise your expertise or opportunity so that when the time comes, they will think of you


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino


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