Can Ads Hurt Your Blog?

If you have a blog, you would definitely be planning to put ads in it.

It is the normal thing to do for every blogger out there.

Most of the bloggers out there would often set up their blogs with banners all over the place even before they have some decent content.

Doing this might not be a good idea.

But don’t get me wrong, having ads in your blog is a good thing.

It can provide you with some profits but there are things that you need to be careful when you handle ads in your blog.

Let me share with your a few reasons why you should be careful with ads in your blog.

Firstly, the problems that ads might bring to your blog are causing your readers to click on the ads.

Yes, we want them to click on the ads we have in our blog but we want them to click with the right reason.

We want them to click because they find our article interesting and by clicking, it may lead them to a product where we can make a sale.

If they click just because they want to get rid of the ads, then it is a nuisance to them and this is not a good thing to have.


Having ads in your blog can also be a distraction to your readers.

The competition on the internet is crazy and we only have a few seconds to grab the attention of our reader and even harder to keep them at your site.

Having a huge blinking ad will only pull their focus away from our site.

It is a massive distraction and a possibility provided to them to click and if they do, they will be taken to another website.

Sending your readers away is the last thing you want to do as a blogger.


In some cases, ads can make your readers lose their temper making hem furious.

The flashing or blinking ads can sometimes be an eye sore to your readers.

Just put yourself in their shoes.

They come to your site in order to get some information which they were looking for but have to endure blinking ads all the time.

This will surely be testing heir patience.

When they get angry, they might just leave and look at another site.

Remember, there are lots of other places where they can obtain the information and why must you make them go to other places instead of your blog.


Then, there is the problem of irrelevant ads appearing on your blog.

These ads are not related to your niche and this is a major distraction to your readers.

It will only be a waste of space on your blog.

Imagine a blog about health care displaying ads about web hosting.

It does not make sense right?

The readers will get a little confuse and question your credibility.


Ultimately, placing too many ads on your blog can project a negative credibility to your readers.

It just tells them that you are not listening to them.

You are not paying any attention to your readers at all.

This is because they come to your blog in search of something but all you have is something else.

If you must put ads, put ads that are at least related to your niche.

Choose one product to promote and focus on that product.

More important for you as a blogger is to provide the content.

Content will be the ingredient for you to bring in audiences.

Without them, your blog is worthless.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino

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