Can Shy People Build A MLM Business?

One thing  many people will always ask when it comes to MLM business is can shy people build a successful business?

Well , the obvious answer would be no but there will always be exceptions and extraordinary cases that happens in life.

To build a MLM business, you require sales skill.

Let’s be honest here.

People that are shy aren’t good in sales.

Have you ever walk in a mall and see someone selling a lot of stuff without talking to the customer?

I doubt so.

But don’t get me wrong, people that are shy can be successful.

They just need a different type of approach say using the internet for instance.

Nevertheless, hey will require certain set of skills in order to be successful and here are 3 things that you should pay attention to if you are shy.


Don’t hard sell

Most people will not like to be approach because you want to sell them something.

This hard sell method is obsolete.

In today’s marketing world, we are more focused on attraction marketing where you connect and network with people and spend less time selling your stuff to them.

The important thing here is to listen to them.

When you go to a prospect and straight away start shooting them with your selling pitch, they will feel uncomfortable and this felling alone will make them turn you down.

To add to things, you shy personality will not be able to conceive them.

Put yourself in their shoes and think.

Will you buy from someone who is stammering as he pitch his products or business to you?

I guess not.


Learn to connect

The MLM business ia a business about people and the most important thing is to learn about your prospects.

Learn about their life, what they want, what they desire and what they need.

Do they want more money or time?

Are they suffering from some sort of health issues that your products may be of help?

Every person will have different needs at a different given time.

Gain their trust and become a friend to them.

When they trust you, they will come to you when they have a problem.

This way, you could have some sort of way to talk to them about the opportunity that you are involved in and would they be interested to join the journey with you?


People follow you and not the company

When you are promoting a MLM business opportunity, you must learn to differentiate yourself from others.

Don’t just go on about how great the company is.

This is not what people are concern about.

They are more concern on how they can do the business and if you can be their guide, their mentor, they will follow you.

Don’t be afraid of talking to your prospects one to one.

As long as you know what you are talking about, you have nothing to fear.

Doing so will also increase the credibility they have towards you.

Always remember that people will like people more than they like a salesman.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino

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