Creating An Unforgetable Business Card – Part 2

Yesterday I showed you how to create the front of your business card so that it can create an unforgettable card to its prospects therefore not throwing it away.

Today we see how the back format looks.

After all the other side has twice the space to persuade their prospects to contact you.

As I can not draw a card in email, that picture below is a business card:

|……… Your Irresistible offer
|           Another
|……… Testimony
|……… Your Contact and Title

Your irresistible offer: Here is where you, as an expert in the field that you represent, make an offer they can not refuse.

The objective is to keep the promise in the title on the front of the card.

The offers can be anything – a free demonstration of your product, a service, a presentation …. anything!

The biggest mistake that many people make is trying to sell your product (s) or service (s).


Fight the temptation of quick results! The purpose of your card (and indeed its entire advertising) should be made only to create a contact.

That means you have to create curiosity and make them want to contact you for more information.

* If you immediately jump on top of them, you will lose them IMMEDIATELY!

Testimony: Yes, another testimony! Because one will never be enough and people want to know what others have to say about the person (s) your service (s) / product (s)

If you need to, review my previous email for more information about testimonies.

Your Contact and Title: Put your name and your contact details here. Phone, email, fax, skype, website (but only if you have a page for catching contacts, if not, omit your site).

TITLE: Titles are important because they tell the prospects where you are positioned in the food chain.

It says: “I am important, listen to me” or “I am nobody, throw away my card!”

Now when I say to supply the title, I am not saying to put “Independant Distributor”, no, no, no! Forget all those stupid names!

The name you want is something like “Specialist for Prevention Against #####.”

Or “manager of Exotic Travel” as in vacation packages.

You will want to be creative and imaginative, but no overkill.

Of course you’re limited in space, so you have to be the best judge of what to do when using testimonies and make an offer.

About Print Color:

The cards are in color and more expensive, but give better results.

But if you have a limited budget, print them in black and white.

Print at most 100.

Remember, start small and grow your business and expand its advertising agreement with that.

Hope You Like it!
Rui Ludovino
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