Creating An Unforgettable Business Card

Here is a review in relation to business cards …

If your card looks exactly like the cards of all other people, then you can bet that you will barely turn the corner and your prospects will throw it away.

However the card vicita has incredible potential to be a piece of marketing to help you to grow your business, If you create it correctly.

And today, that is exactly what I’m going to show you.

Today I will show you how to design the front of your card and how to create an unforgettable business card that will NOT be discarded by your prospects.

So without further delay, let’s go to work!

As I can not draw a business card in an email, imagine that the business card is here:



| ……Your…….. Title which is to
|…...Photo Here……..capture¬†Attention





|……. Title ……….. Testimony



Photo: preferably your photo should be in colour and have a smile. If you have a family, include them, Or include your dog, cat, Parakeet, anything personal that is unique.

The picture is also a visual device that connects to the prospects and separates you from the crowd.  So make sure that it is good.

Title: Your title should show and explain your picture. For example, if you choose a picture of yourself with your family, say, myself with my beautiful wife and children.

Of course you’re very limited in space with what you write, so be brief, specific and objective.

Alternatively, if you choose a photo of yourself, then your title, must put your first and last name and then the title (more on this below).

Institute which is to capture the attention of the eyes: This is the most important part of your business card. It is the title that communicates a benefit and solves the problem that is having its prospects.

Witness: It is the second most important part of your business card.

The testimonies are needed to be used in all your marketing tools because it does not matter what you say to your prospects, BUT what others say about you is of incredible weight and importance.

Ideally, your testimony should speak of results due to you or to your products / services.

By placing a testimony directly onto your business card, you communicate directly via your business card, you communicate with your prospects differently – it offers you a service with exceptional quality, and thus giving you an opportunity to reward them and take care of them in a way that only you can.

OK, this is the format of the front of your card.

Most people stop here, however, in case you had not noticed – the business card has another side that can be used to further engage your prospects!

Tomorrow I will show you how to use part of your business card in order to make the most of a party.
Have a fantastic day!

Rui Ludovino

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