Don’t Lose Focus!

With so many Internet things going on, is difficult to maintain focus on our goals.

Its reaaaally difficult.

Today I sit down in my computer with some tasks to do and when I noticed 4 hours went gone. I didn’t do what i wanted and I was searching the web “investigating” new tools and websites….

I’m lucky because I have a paper on my side that i always write on the day before with the things I want to do for the day.

So now I’m back on track and can continue to work on my Financial Freedom again.

So If you have goals, and tasks to do everyday that help you to achieve your goals, do them 1st and then go you can have fun!

Do the things you like less first, that  way the day will be much better without those things in your head saying “you need still to do this or that” after you do them you will fell proud and much more happier with yourself.

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