Goals – Any Person Can Have Them

Define goals is a system that works with everyone all around the world.

This sistematic pratice of defining goals take you from beeing poor to prosperity, from frustation to realization, from a very low income to success.

You know, any pla is better then don’t have one.

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

All the answers were already discovered, millions of people (men and women) started with nothing and achived success by defining goals.

If others did it, why not you?

You just need to learn how.

If you define precise goals you will find that there are no imits for what you can achive, except you imagination.

Don’t Forget: “A trip of thousand miles start with a small step” – Confucius.

Sit down NOW and invest some time to decide what you want from life.
Write your goals.

If is it a car, searsh that car on the internet, and print a picture of it, with the right color and the exact model.
Do the same with your dream house, or dream holidays, or whatever you dream about.

Etc, etc.

Yes! You will see! Your life will make much more sense if you know exacly what you wish for!

Have a wonderfull day!

Rui Ludovino

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