How To Stop Your Downline From Quitting


Building a network marketing business is a challenging journey.

We will need to learn a lot of things in order to run our business so that we prosper.

Marketing is one of the most important aspects in this business but it is not the only thing that we must be doing.

There is the after sales, the recruiting and most importantly, keeping our down lines.

While recruiting new members can be a difficult thing to do, many people forgot how hard it is to stop our down line from quitting the business.

It might be a big decision for them to join in the first place and we play some part in that decision.

So, to see them quit can actually dampen your motivation.

However, there a ways to stop them from quitting.


Most people will start their MLM business with very little skill.

We will all listen to our upline as  they to get us motivated, get some goals and cultivate a positive attitude.

We will be asked to make a list of the people we know and the rest is history.

We start talking to the people in the list and in no time, we end up with no friends left.

How many times have we heard this story?


Things don’t always need to be like this in an MLM business.

This happen because many of us are reluctant to learn the skills required to build this business.

Do you know how to find people?

Do your know how to build a good relationship?

Do you know how to present your opportunity?

Do you know how to close a deal or handle rejection?

Many people who joined an MLM business do not know those things and yet they go on everyday asking people to join them and promoting their business all over the place.

Therefore, it is clear why the down line will quit.

It is because there are no skills that you can pass down to your down line.


This business is about people and how you can lead them to become better as a person and also better in their financial situation.

But you need the skills to do that yourself.

You cannot hope that your down line will do the work for you.

Take a franchise for an example.

You buy the franchise and the company will teach you how to run the business right?

But you have the run the business yourself isn’t it?

You yourself is a down line to someone above you and therefore, you cannot expect your upline to do the work for you.

But, you can ask him to teach you the skills on how to build the business.

The same thing goes for your down line.

They will need your guidance, your knowledge and your tools in order to build the business.

How can you help them if you yourself do not have those things?


So how can you prevent your down lined from quitting?

Learn some skills if you haven’t already learn them.

Be a student to your up line but also be a teacher for your down line.

The MLM business is powerful if only everyone works together as a team.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino


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