How to work less but also achieve more


Thank you very much for reading this post.

The theme of this post may surprise you just a little bit, It’s how you can actually as a internet marketer work less, but also achieve more.

You know, trying harder doesn’t work. So let’s try trying less.

I am going to stick my neck out and say that most of the people who read this article work much too hard.

And as a result… And as a result of working too hard, you produce much too little result relative to what could be produce.

I am going to reveal a secret how you, and every person you work with can multiple their effectiveness.

To achieve results that are many times more valuable than you have achieve already no matter how valuable those things that you have achieve already are.

To deploy your energy far more intelligently, to work no harder that you are at the moment to perhaps quite a lot less hard to get results that are not just a bit better than the results today, but are hugely better.

The secret to success I am going to suggest here  is to get more from less.

More from less, that is really the theme from this article.

In the next few lines, we are going to see how.

One of my favourite potations comes rather oddly perhaps from a Prussian army officer called General Von Monsty who had this to say about his people.

He said there are only 4 types of officer.

First, there are the lazy stupid ones.
Now did he suggest firing these people? Not at all.
He said leave them alone. They do no harm.
Cause at least their lazy.

Second, here are the hardworking intelligent ones.
Now they are good obviously.
They make excellent staff officers ensuring every aspect of a plan is carefully considered.

And third, there are the hardworking stupid ones.
Now these people he said he really got into these, these people are a menace.
They must be fired at once.
They create irrelevant work for everybody.

And finally, there are the intelligent lazy ones.
Now these people are suited for the highest office.

So the good general was suggesting that whether that you are smart or intelligent is actually is much better to be lazy.

Isn’t this a silly paradox?

Well, visualize it.

Do you think that Warren Buffet was busy frantically crunching numbers at his desk?
What do you think Lanceford Rupert Murdock spend his time doing?
Do you imagine that Jim Clark does that rather than thinking about boats that he is going to sell.

What is the value that Bill Gates added to the world a function of the hours he put in?
Or what about Ronald Reagen who famously said, “it’s true hard work that never killed anyone but I figure, why take the chance?”

Or J F Kenedy or Winston Churchill or Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton.

What all these people do or did was spent time creatively on a few essentials.
And little or no time on the massive trivial that engulfs all of us most of the time.

Most lives, especially most business lives is trivial.
Don’t work to deal with the trivial, work to avoid the trivial.

Save yourselves for one or two things each week that are really important in terms of getting results.

Spend time deciding what those things are.
Then work out how to deal with them.
Then spend considering and reconsidering then preparing and then go and get what you want.

Because my friend, few things really matter.
But they matter a tremendous amount.

These things that really matter often difficult to find but once you find the few things that really matter, they give you tremendous power.

The power that gives you more for less.
The power of the 80-20 principle.

Now let me just say a little bit about that power, the power that could be liberated by you

It lies in one phrase which is finding the vital few in the trivial many.

As many of you are reading this article, I am sure, the 80-20 asserts that a minority of causes, inputs or efforts usually leads to the great majority of results from those causes.

A good benchmark really hypothesis is 80% of results come from 20% causes.

Typically, a few products maybe 20% or often much less than that account for more than 80% of the company’s sale more importantly 20% of sales would account for 80% profits.

And even more important than that, 20% of customers would account for 80% profits.

The bottom line is…focus on the 80% and work only 20% :)

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Have a wonderful day,
Rui Ludovino

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