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I just got this email from Matt Lloyd – a 25 y/old guy from Australia, who’s about to cross his second million online.  He talks about something really important, that few affiliate program owners will ever admit… if you have ever sent traffic to an offer and lost money, this email will explain why:

I get asked this question all the time:

“Matt, say you had to start all over again… how would you make your first dollars online?  What would you really do?”

Here’s the thing:  if you’re going to go into the internet marketing niche… and teach others “how to market online”… then it kinda helps if you have some results behind you.

Otherwise… you’re just like every other person in the niche who tries to teach
others how to make money online, when they’ve never made anything themselves.

But there’s a big problem: you may not have any results yet.

And therefore, it’s hard to have credibility.

So what’s the easiest way to get some?

Borrow it.

That’s right.  Find someone else who’s got it, and market their products.

This is what you call affiliate marketing, which you know all about.

But again… there’s another problem with affiliate marketing, that very
few affiliate program owners will ever admit to you…

The economics suck.

Example:  say you have 200 bucks to spend to generate some traffic.

You go do some Facebook PPC ads… and you get 300 bucks in sales.

You’ve made a 100 buck profit, right?


Because for you as the affiliate, the margins are only 40 – 50%…

So of that 300 you got in sales, you only get about 150 bucks.

You spent 200 on ads… and now you are 50 bucks out of pocket.

Now tell me: how long are you going to keep spending money on


You see, affiliate marketing is becoming less and less viable these days
as the cost of traffic rises (which it’s constantly doing).

The margins are just not big enough.

But don’t fret, there is a solution…

What if instead of making 50% as an affiliate… you could make 90%?

So, you’d spend 200 on ads.

You’d get 300 back in sales.

And 90% of 300 = 270.

So now we have:

270 (revenue) – 200 (ad expense) = 70 (pure profit).

Now you’re cooking with gas…

Now you actually have a scalable business.

For every buck you put into your advertising… you’re getting back $1.35.

You can do exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 18 months, to take
my business from 700 / month to 315k a month: just reinvesting the
profits back into your advertising.

Internet marketing is really quite simple:  it’s all about the numbers.

So far as I know, there’s only a couple of affiliate program owners in the
industry who are willing to pay out 90%.

I’m one of ‘em.

Most will not do it, because they want to keep all the money for themselves,
while their affiliates take all the risk buying the ads and driving traffic.

I chose to instead give most of the front end sales to my partners, because
I knew that if I did that… I’d get lots and lots of these things:

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And as a marketer, those are what I want : )

If you’re ready to become a MOBE Licensee so you can get those 90% co missions,
and transform the entire economics of your business, begin here:

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Read through that letter, and then enroll at the bottom.

Straight after you become a MOBE Licensee, you’ll get an email from me,
asking you to choose a time and date for your first appointment with one
of our strategy coaches.

They’ll do 3 sessions with you over the phone, over about 2 weeks, to
make sure you get off to a good start.

I want to give you every chance to be making sales – because if you’re not
getting what you want (sales) then I’m not getting what I want (testimonials).

So as a MOBE Licensee, I look at us as partners, and will do everything I can
to convert your traffic for you.

Talk soon,


I Love it!

Have a wonderful day,
Rui Ludovino

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