Targeting Leads In Network Marketing


If you are involved in a network marketing business, you would know that your income would increase if your organization grows.

And the only way for your network or organization to grow is by recruiting new members into your team.

This can be done on your own or by you leaders or upline where they place someone into your team and let you take care of them.

The latter does not happen often.

In this kind of business, it is best to be able to recruit on our own.

Yes, it may take a long time but network marketing has been proven to be a recession proof industry.

So why not work your way slowly and build that secondary income.

Now most of us would like already know that this business is about relationships.

The people that we approach first would be the people that we know.

What if no one joins us?

Are we done?

Of course not!

Network marketing is like any other business and what do we do if e have a shop selling things?

We open our doors to strangers, they walk into our shop, look around and buy our stuff.

On the internet, we need to do the same.

Get people to our website, make them stay around, get their contacts and promote our product or business.

These people are called leads and we need to have them if we are to build a successful network marketing business.


There are various ways that you can get leads but the best ones are the ones that we find on our own.

It is important for us to know who are our audience in network marketing.

We don’t want to search in vain because every industry will have certain targeted audiences.

Where do we look?

We can look for them in social media sites like Facebook.

Reach out, it doesn’t cost a dime.

However, don’t just go on Facebook and approach every single person you come across.

You need to be specific.

Try to look at their comments and the news feed to see what they are often up to.

What is shared and liked by them often.


Your job is to identify the personalities that can allow you to have a higher chance of presenting your opportunity to them.

Identify the people to see what they can bring to your business.

Some people are very active in the social media but it may turn out to be a bad thing if they are constantly being negative.

These are the kind of people that you want to avoid.

You need to look for people who have high values.

They post constructive content.

They don’t complain , they are motivated and these are the people hat will have a higher possibility of getting things done.

These will be the people that you want to recruit because you know that if they join, they will get to work and this will grow your business.


Someone with 100 downlines means nothing if none of hem is working the business.

It is the quality of the person and not the quantity.

So, start searching for this type of person and get to know them.

Build a connection by knowing their interest and always be of help if they need to.

When you can position yourself as someone who can offer good advise to them, they will look upon you as a friend and perhaps a leader.

Do this and you will grow your business.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino

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