The Habit of Winning

The Habit of Winning

In Network Marketing, Winning is a habit that you must acquire.

It is like a taste that you acquire for a particular food.

You must HUNGER for it.

And what you hunger for consistently, evolves into a habit. A habit is something you do the same way every time without thinking.

It just happens. Habits are developed by what you focus on and believe.

Are you focused on winning in MLM and do you believe you will?

The last word in habit is BIT, and that is how a habit is formed, bit by bit – one bite at a time! How did you develop the habit of how you put on your shoes?

You did it over and over. First you had to think about it, now you don’t. You just slip on the shoes the same way every time.

You need to slip on the habit of winning in your life. Decide to win at everything you do and make it happen.

Then you will find over time that winning is no longer is something you strive for, it naturally happens out of habit. Then you will find yourself crossing the goal line in the lead every time.

Statistics on Success?

You can’t do it. Look at the facts.
You aren’t smart enough. Look at the facts.
You aren’t talented enough. Look at reality.
You cannot achieve it. The numbers are against you.
You will never win. The odds are against you.
You should consider the history. It cannot be done.
You will never learn. Look at the past.
You can’t do it. Look at the facts.…

The only statistics that can stop you in any endeavor are the statistics that you accept as true. Statistics never measure:


All statistics do is give a general overview of what someone thinks is happening… when it comes to what you can do… the only thing that matters in Network Marketing and your Home Business is what is happening inside of you.

You are born a Champion.

“Other people’s opinion about you doesn’t have to be your reality – Les Brown.”

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