The Right Way To Use Articles To Promote Your Blog

Profiting from your blog is impossible if you do not have a good marketing strategy involved.

Spending a huge amount on marketing your blog might not be the best way to get your blog out there because if you may waste your precious money if your marketing campaign is not effective.

This is where many internet marketers like to use articles.

Article marketing has been around for a long time and it is still a very effective way of generating good traffic to your blog if you use articles the right way.


Before you go on ahead and write your articles, you must always do a keyword research on your niche.

The main focus is to identify keywords that have less competition as well as long tail keywords ini order to let internet users get notice of your blog.

While keyword research alone is a huge knowledge that has to be learned, there are other more novice tips that you should also be aware of.

And here they are:


- Before you promote a product on your blog, you must always have enough content.

You must have a least 20 articles already posted in your blog before you market any product.

Focus on promoting only one product until you are earning a nice amount of profit, say a thousand dollar before you head on to promote another product.


- Focus on the titles of your articles.

Article titles must be catchy in order to grab internet user’s attention.

Always use why, benefits and tips so that those who are looking for answers will get it from your blog.


- Always have a good description about your post in your first paragraph of the post.

This is where it will determine if the reader continues to read on or leave.

The main goal is to lead your readers to your resource box where they will take the action and click on your link.


- Accumulate your articles as fast as possible.

The more articles you have, the better your chances of getting more traffic.

Use your articles to help people who have questions.

Provide them with the solution and tips and this will help your in the search engine.


- Submit your articles at article directories.

Do not spin your articles and submit them again.

Instead, rewrite articles that are effective and then submit again.


- Add back links in your articles in order to drive traffic but do not overdo it.

Add 2 back links and that is the maximum.


- You can increase the weight of your articles by adding the links to your articles in the resource box.

You can do so in certain article directories like Ezine because they do not allow your to link your squeeze page in the resource box.

So, add the link of another article that you posted to drive more traffic back to your blog.


These are just a few simple tips that you must know if you are planning to use articles to promote your blog on the internet.

Article marketing is very effective if you do it properly and will be able to provide you with a consistent flow of traffic.

So go ahead and try them out.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino

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