Use a Strategy To Reach Happiness

The post for today is about the thing people want most: happiness.

For example, the most important thing for a successful business is to make a plan.

In life is the same, in our life we need to define goals e define a strategy to reach them.

In the end of the day, the little things and the little attitudes are the ones that added up will give you happiness.

Think about the things that you really which and the way to get them.

Find the ones that give you sadeness e search for a way to avoid them.

The studies show that the lives of the happy people and unhappy people are very alike.
The big diference es the way they react to the situations that came up in their lifes.
Happy people have a tendency to appreciate the good things that happen to them and focus on those situations.

Lyubomirky, 1994

And you?

Which are you or which one are you going to be?

Happy or unhappy?

The truth is that no matter what happen in your life, the choice is yours!

Have a wonderful Day!
Rui Ludovino

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