Use Your Blog to Feed Your Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is an important part of the success of your business and using your blog to feed your sales funnel is the best idea you can have.

In fact, blogs are the top tool used by marketers to generate greater sales leads.

Let me explain in more detail about the benefits you can have using your blog as part of your sales funil:

• You can be found by a greater number of prospects that are searching for solutions for their problemas and which your products/services are able to provide.

Savvy bloggers write articles using keywords that are carefully researched.

They then provide unique good content, increasing their search engine rankings and this way bringing prospects in.

• Using your blog to feed your sales funnel will increase the number of pages Google and other search engines will index.

It’s a whole lot easier to get blog posts indexed then it is to get web pages that are not in blogs indexed.

• When you drive visitors from your blog, these visitors are already warmed up, and they are looking for information, guidance, and insight to solve their problems, which is what your business can do for them.

• When you show blog posts by having them written by professionals in the fields that you are targeting prospects, it begins to build two-way communication between your prospect and you and your business, leading to the development of loyal long term customers.

• Attract more quality people and industry analysts with your fresh, educational blog material. This means they are likely to add links to their blogs, proving you with inbound links, which are very valuable to your ranking in the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

• Build trust by encouraging and allowing your visitors to interact by commenting on your blog and this way build that trust.

Learn and use techniques that encourage them to interact.

• Take time to define your target audience and then create a new channel so that the sales leads are targeted accordingly.

• Double your leads just by adding social components to your blog. An RSS feed, your facebook fanpage plug in, and the google + widget are able to keep your readers abreast of what is happening and therefore you keep targeted traffic coming.

• On top of that they will share you social network links with others and everything will became viral exploding the number of leads you will get.

Your blog is a powerful tool for your sales funnel. Learn to maximize the value it has to offer.

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