Using Your Blog To Sell


Many online marketers are now turning to blogs when it comes to marketing their products and services online.

The uprising of blogs is no coincidence due to its powerful versatility that allows internet marketers the freedom that they need when it comes to marketing their business.

Using blogs to promote products can be done easily but it is because of this, many online marketers are making mistakes while presenting their offer.

Here are 8 valuable tips that can help you make the perfect sales offer to your audience with your blog.


Offer must be relevant to your niche

Every blog has a niche and always remember the relationship between you and your readers.

There will be things that they are interested in and that is the main reason why they come to your blog.

As for other things, they might not be interested in.

Therefore, your offer must be suitable to meet their needs or interest.


Maintain your authenticity

In order to avoid losing your reader, you must not try to trick them into clicking your link.

You must always be clear with your approach and make sure that it is clear to your readers.

Do not tell them about something and then lead them to a different sales page promoting a different type of product that you were explaining about.

Doing this will hurt your reputation as well as your credibility.


Easy access to your offer

When you present an offer to your readers, make it highly visible to them so that it is clear to them.

Don’t let your offer stay hidden.

Use big graphics and keep it simple.

The main thing is to let them spot your offer the moment the page is load up on their screen.


Integrate your offer in your blog post

As you write a new post in your blog, you can fold your offer in it.

In the post that you are about to add to your blog, add a call to action to guide your readers to your offer.


Add-on products

When you have products that you can offer to your readers, you can bring it to the next level with add-on products.

These add-on products are sometimes useful for some people.

One example is to provide an audio file to an ebook.

Instead of reading the ebook, your customers can purchase the add-on and listen to the ebook instead.


Get ideas from your readers

Your readers are great sources of ideas as they leave their comments in your blog.

With each comment, you will be able to learn about their opinion and what is it that they are looking for.

From there, you can develop new products to help your readers.


Treat your readers with special deals

When it comes to marketing, every customer would like to get special deals from time to time.

So, you can do this in your blog too.

Offer them special deals from time to time.

Give them a discount or a limited time offer where they can take advantage off.

This will always lead to sales.


Choose your affiliate products wisely

With the huge variety of choices in the affiliate market, it is easy to choose the wrong product to offer to your readers.

Don’t just go for the ones that offer the best commissions.

Look for products that really relates to you and your readers.

You must also pay attention to the placement of your affiliate ads so that it does not turn their focus away from your blog.


There you have it, 8 tips that could probably help you achieve better sales if you plan to use your blog to sell your online products.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino

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