Video About Rui Ludovino Jorney In NetWork Marketing


yesterday a friend of mine created an amazing video in porwerpoint to put in YouTube, I was amazed with the simplicity of the video and with her criativity, so as soon as she finish the video I will put here the link so you can take a look.

That video inspired me to make my own video.

This Video is about my jorney in Network Marketing. It Start in September 2002. It’s amazing how we change in 6 years.

Is not just the money that incresed every year.

In the video we can see the┬áchanges in myself, my atitude, the way I dress, really…this industry not only will give you you financial freedom (if you work) but also if you investe in yourself, in trainings, in your personal growth you will change to a better human!

This post is not intended o promote myself, but to show you that if you do the work, you can get the prize also.

here is the link: is a 3 minutes video.

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