Do you want success?

What do you consider success?

Look at this survey that was done and let me know where you stand in comparison…

And a HUGE thanks to Dr. Les Berenson MD for sharing these statistics.


Most people fantasize about becoming a millionaire in network
marketing, and that’s all it truly is — a fantasy.
As one top earner said,

The difference in me and most is that my vision for becoming a millionaire was crystal clear. I didn’t drive it, IT DROVE ME. It was a fanatical urging that wouldn’t go away.

He said that vision became a PASSION in his life. That’s a clue to what it takes to become a big success in network marketing. He added …

If most people would get as excited about their company as they do about a football game, they’d be rich within three years.

Most people have the perception that NWM millionaires are lucky, they found people who did all the work. Not so. Millionaires understand the TRUE numbers it takes to create massive success. Most folks are fantasy-based thinking they can make 20 phone calls and get rich.

Another top earner gave this rundown of how she did it …

I knew all I had to do was talk to 1,000 people. That’s what I was told to do and I was on a mission to do that.
Instead I talked with over 3,000.
Now I do what I want, when I want, for how long I want WITH MY KIDS! And THAT’S A miracle.

We interviewed over 1,400 network marketers and here’s what we found. By the way, every one of these people, including the millionaires, worked their businesses part time.

Hours worked each week
Average: 6
Successful: 12
Millionaire: 25

Phone dials per day
Average: 5
Successful: 15
Millionaire: 50

People talked to per day
Average: 1
Successful: 7
Millionaire: 15

Presentations per week (phone or face-to-face)
Average: 2
Successful: 8
Millionaire: 20

Follow-ups per day
Average: 1
Successful: 4
Millionaire: 10

Number of no’s per week
Average: 2
Successful: 10
Millionaire: 25

Conference calls with guests each week
Average: 0
Successful: 2
Millionaire: 5

Number of new reps each week
Average: 0
Successful: 1
Millionaire: 4

The activity level for millionaires is much more intense than average or even successful reps.
Which best matches your activity level? Are you close to what the successful reps do? Your future lies in your answers.

PS: (from Rui Ludovino), in m 1st 4 years of business ey wrote my numbers of calls, guests, meetings, etc.

Only in 2005 i’ve made more them 3700 calls to invite NEW peope to presentations. My average of invitations, in my 1st 4 years in network marketing was de 14 new people a day (except weekends that I was in meetings), in 4 years were more then 14,000 calls to invite new people.

And I’m not counting follow ups, webinars, 1on1, trainings, meetings, travelings,  etc.

When I’ve saw this statistics, I’ve understoods why I’ve got to my level of income…there are no excuses for unsuccess…only lack of work.

Have a wonderful day

Rui Ludovino



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