Why And How To Use Autoresponders


Trying to build an online business empire?

Then you will need to use this, it is called autoresponders.

Often in business especially business which is done on the internet, we need to communicate with our audience.

When you have a lot of customers, you will to do this in an automated method and there is no better way than to use email auto responders.

Whether it is sales or communication, email autoresponders can be the difference is success or failure.

Using autoresponders is also vital in helping you to grow your business because it plays an important part in lead generation.

When you grow your amount of subscribers, so will your profits.

So what are autoresponders?

It is a system that allows you to send email replies to someone who sends you an email.

One common example is when you request information or support from a certain service.

They will usually send you an email notifying you that they have receive your enquiry and will get back to you soon.

In other cases, autoresponders are also used by marketers to collect email addresses by placing opt-in forms in their website or squeeze page or even their landing page.

The marketers can then manage those emails addresses that he captured in his autoresponder’s back office.

They can remove the subscriber, sent a broadcast or even a scheduled email when they see the need to do so.

This is great for marketers because they can keep a good communication with their audiences with updates as well as promoting something new.


Isn’t it easy?

Using email autoresponders do not require you to be an IT expert.

But ironically, many online businesses are still not applying this toll in their business.

Perhaps they don’t know about the benefits that they can get from using it.

Besides being able to capture emails addresses, send emails to your list and managing that list, an autoresponder system is also a good way for your to maintain your good relationship with your subscribers and also the traffic that you can get at your website if you use the autoresponders in a correct way.

When you want to get started with an autoresponder system, you need to make sure of 3 things:


1. How will you use the autoresponders?

What will you do with your list?

Are you going to build a list and send them occasional emails or do you want to have a specific number of emails to be sent at a specific time?

If you want to automate this process, you could utilize the capture or opt-in form for your marketing activities.


2. Choosing the right service.

After knowing how you will be using your autoresponders, you must choose the right service.

This is because different autoresponder service or company will have different set of features as well as pricing.

Do a comparison based on what you need so that you don’t have to spend extra money that you don’t need to.


3. Use your service the right way.

Once you have your autoresponder system set up, use it properly.

Plan on how are you going to collect email addresses from your website or landing page.

Are you going to offer your audience a free gift?

Internet users will often leave their email address if they think that your offer is beneficial to them.

So, provide something that they cannot say no to and you will have a high chance of getting their contact.

Look around on your competition to see what they are doing in order to compete with them.

You should also prepare your emails that will be sent to your subscribers well.

The most important one would be the welcome email.

This is where you will give them the proper impression and lead to a beginning of a good relationship with your subscriber.

Then, set up your scheduled emails that you want to be sent to your list properly.


Once all of that is completed, you will have an easier time.

But the job is not over, you should monitor you subscribers and see how your emails are performing.

You can run split test in order to find out which type of emails are more effective so that your subscribers stays in your list.

The most important thing is to avoid them complaining that you are spamming them.


As you can see, an autoresponder services is a great tool if you want to run an online business.

So get to it and search for one that suits you.


Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino





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