Winners and Losers

A winner works a lot and gets time for himself.
A loser is always “to busy” and dont even have time to their loved ones.

A winner confront his problems one by one.
A loser goes around the problems and run away from them.

A winner is commited, gives his word and make it happen.
A loser makes promisses, don’t do them, and when fails is never his fault.

A winner says: “I’m goog but will be even better”
A loser says: “I’m not so bad, there are worst then me”

A winner lisen, understand and answer.
A loser dont even wait to get an answer.

A winner respects the ones that know better and try to learn with them.
A loser resists to all that know more and just focus on the bad things.

A winner feels responsable for more then just his work.
A loser donĀ“t never compromise and always says: “I do my work, thats enough”

A winner says: “must have be a better way to do it…”
A loser says: “we have been always doing like this, there is no other way.”

A winner is part of the solution
A loser is part of the problem

A winner can see “the wall in its all”
A loser focus on the “brick he needs to put”

Have a wonderful day,

Rui Ludovino

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