Xango Compensation Plan And How Works In South Africa

The XanGo™ compensation and marketing plan pays nine leverl, is uni-level pay plan.

Also we have ‘Dynamic Compression’ that allows you to be paid in infinite levels .

“7% of net profits go to charities. XanGo™ is the single largest contributor to Operation Kids, an international umbrella organization for children’s charities.”

“Every XanGo distributor benefits from the revenues generated by XanGo™ sales in their network of distributors around the world. Additionally, 3% of all sales are paid in quarterly bonuses to qualifying Premier Level distributors.”

XanGo™ is already available in South Africa, but will launch officially in September 2011 as a ground-level opportunity with tremendous potential for growth in South Africa and then in the whole Africa.

You may say but…show me the money!

No worries, I will explain you everything in a free video that you will watch after you register in the link below.

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  • XTEam provides members with free access to an online back office to maintain one’s business 24/7 plus the XanGo Backoofice
  • weekly free online conferences training are available with industry leaders.
  • Additional training and marketing materials are available through XTeam private tools that no one else has.
  • Mentoring, training, orientation and support are also provided by up-line independent distributors, like me and other top world distributors.
  • We do meetings, trainings and presentations in ALL BIG cities in South Africa, join US!

More info at: XanGo In South Africa – Top Source

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